Trade Victim


A short animation film in stop-motion technique. The film depicts the story of a blouse that finds a work offer in a local newspapaer and travels to a foreign country to fulfill her dream.

The blouse signifies the story of young girls from poor families who travel to western countries after a job offer and are caught inside the horrible industry of women sex trafficking.


The film was created as part of the studies in The School of Visual Theatre.

Animation guide: Ricardo Werdesheim


The film appeared on ZDF channel in Germany and took part in the following festivals:

Trickfilm Festival, Germany; SoDak Festival, USA; Haifa Film Festival, Israel; International Women Fil Festival, Israel; Kin International Film Festival, Armenia; CICDAF International Cartoon and Digital Art Festival, China; Tricky Women Festival, Austria; EPOS International Art Film Festival, Israel; "“16 Days Against Violence Against Women”, Austria.

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