False Awakening


The term False Awakening describes a state of having a convincing dream about awakening, while in reality continuing to sleep.


"False Awakening" is a performance taking place inside a room where a woman is falling asleep. As she is gradually sinking deeper into slumber, the room is changing from a physical realm, to a subconcious one. The things she feels, dreams and sees, take form inside the space, live and move all around it.

The audience therefore has to constantly move inside the room, in order to follow the course of events.

The work combines elements of puppet and shadow theater, as well as video animation.


Director and performer: Vera Berzak Schneider

Performer: Moran Duvshani

Sound Design: Talya Eliav

The show was created as a graduation work at The School of Visual Theatre and later performed in Clipa Aduma festival and Hahanut theatre in Tel Aviv.