A Stranger Guest


A visual theater performance inspired by the play "The Intruder" by Maurice Maeterlinck. It depicts one evening in the house of a single family – a father and two daughters, while the mother is lying sick in her room, her faith unknown to the family members.

The family members are waiting for the aunt to arrive, but instead each one of them begins to sense the presence of an unknown stranger approaching the house.

The theatrical language aims to explore the inner feelings of the family members as they are dealing with the mystery of the unknown, and transform it into gestures, sounds, light and silence.


"Director Vera Berzak Schneider has managed to make this quiet piece an exciting performance, her actors keep up a haptic tension throughout the poetic and - astonishingly enough - powerful performance."
Julia Littmann, Badische Zeitung, Freiburg, Germany


" Don’t miss this very special theatrical experience"

Jerusalem Post 

Director and designer: Vera Berzak Schneider

Actors: Amichai Pardo, Shaked Sabag, Hadas Weissman

Sound: Osif Unger

Light design: Amihai Elharar


The production premiered at Acco Fringe Theatre Festival 2013, 

 performed in Hasimta theatre 2013-2015, traveled to BRM Theater Festival 2017 in India and performed in Delhi, Agartala and Patna.