The Governor General and I

A meta-theatrical play that creates a meeting on stage between a historical Nazi figure and a modern Jewish Israeli playwright.

Hans Frank, Governor General of Nazi occupied Poland during World War II, is awaiting trial in Nuremberg Prison in 1945-46. During his stay in prison he converts to the Catholic faith and expresses guilt and remorse towards his political past.

The writer of the play, an Israeli woman of Russian origin, discovers the interviews with Frank in the book "Nuremberg Diaries" by G. M. Gilbert and is mysteriously intrigued by his character. She delves into his monologues to try and answer questions regarding evil and morality in man and the authenticity of his remorse – can such a change be real, or is it purely circumstantial?

During her journey she investigates the history of her own ancestry, and aspects regarding her life as a Russian immigrant in Israel. She therefore deals with questions regarding Jewish identity and heritage, nationalism and the nature of evil and morality of man.

Writer and director: Vera Berzak

Based on: The Nuremberg Diaries by G. M. Gilbert

Dramaturg: Naama Berman

Actors: Sanne Skjervik, Ingvar Örner

Stage design: Vera Berzak

Costume design: Adi Brodsly

Producer: Rasmus Ribbegårdh

The play was produced in Gothenburg, Sweden, with the support of Katz judiska kulturfond, Olof Palmes minnesfond, Göteborgstad, Heksherstifelse, Israeli embassy.

The play was performed in Göteborgs Dramatiska Teater, Albatross Teater as well as schools in Gothenburg for 9th grade pupils.