The Parasite

A theater work inspired by the trial held against the poet Joseph Brodsky in Russia in 1964. Brodsky was accused of 'Parasitism', since his work as a poet and translator was perceived as an insufficient contribution to the Communist state.

The show consists of of different scenes from the lives of soviet citizens between the 30's and the 60's, based on documental, literary and personal materials. These scenes raise questions about the freedom of speech and  thought in a society where the state is above all citizens.

The show was supported by Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, and premiered in "Citizen Kan" in Karov theater. It now performs monthly in Hasimta theater.

"That one hour on stage with the actorst constantly changing characters is nothing less than a true pleasure"

-Miki Minz, Bekivun ha Ruach

"It is highly recommended to go and have a taste of life in a parallel universe - the totalitarian universe"

Eli Eshed, Yakum Tarbut



Writer and director: Vera Berzak Schneider

Dramaturgy: Naama Berman

Actors: Racheli Ankor, Orianne Gliksberg Partem, Dorin Mendel, Yoav Sadowsky

Stage and Costume Design: Adi Brodsly

Sound Design: Yonatan Gliksberg

Light design: Ronen Bachar

Animation: Asher Shwarts and Oriyah Ben Chaim