A Bay by the Okhotsk Sea

A performance work that uses the storytelling of Gizela Malkin, Vera's grandmother, heard from loudspeakers, talking in Russian and telling the story of a her aunt who had been sent to a labour camp in Siberia in 1930's Soviet Union.

While her voice is heard in the recording, Vera offers the spectators a 'simultaneous' translation- pulling long strips of paper with the English text out of her clothes and offering them to the spectators. In order to continue reading, the spectators have to pass the strips from one to the other.

Creator and performer: Vera Berzak 

The work was created and performed in Konstepidemin arts center in Gothenburg, Sweden, as part of artist in residency program.

A later version of the work was performed in November 2018 in Nörrkoping art museum under the name Russian Lulluby, as part of Konsten att delta program

Russian Lulluby
Bay 2
Bay 3
Bay 4
Bay 5
Bay 6